Coffee with

Ever wanted to have a proper chat with a writer? Want to ask them about a book of theirs you like or how they come up with ideas or their process?

Focus on Poland

Each year SCI-FI-LONDON looks at a different country and explores its contribution to the science fiction genre.


It is a quiz, but it’s not in a pub... it’s on the big screen! Our annual sci-fi quiz is set to challenge you once again.

Comics and Film

While the cinema seems to be obsessed with comic book adaptations in recent years, this panel looks at the more general phenomenon of the dialogue between comics and film as comic book creators hel

The Faith Wars

The ideological square-off between religion and science is here to stay... or is it? Perhaps the dichotomy is a falsehood, and everyone will learn to live and let live.

The Birth of the Modern Doctor Who

While a lot of people rightly see the start of Russell T Davies’ era as the revitalising of Doctor Who for a new generation, those steps were first taken with the advent of