At the Stratford Picturehouse we have a wonderful bar area, so come join us for a drink and some festival entertainment.

Post Apocalympic Pub Quiz

What better way to spend an autumnal Sunday afternoon than in a hot cinema, pitting your wits against likeminded nerds as you try to survive a Post-Apocalyptic quiz.

Flight of the Navigator

Disney's attempts to introduce sci-fi to their core audience didn't always meet with the same success as their more traditional fare, or those from competing studios, but that doesn't mean they lac

Errors of the Human Body

Following similar concepts to Antiviral, this directorial debut from the writer of the incredibly bleak The Divide (SFL Oktoberfest 2011), explores the world of controversial human


Two bus crash survivors share the same dream whilst in a coma.


Ostensibly a biting satire on the contemporary obsession with celebrity culture, this near-future set parable from Brandon (son of David) Cronenberg is as much a warning about the

Nuclear Family

John and Lynn, a young couple are about to sign divorce papers when a mysterious mega-explosion suddenly finds them struggling to survive in a lawless society.


The team that brought you WOLF CREEK, have returned to the Australian outback, this time to Pine Gap, the Aussie equivalent of Area 51.