Comedy with The Geekatorium

It's Geek Night!  Join us for stand-up with the capital’s top of the range geekycomics-two-point-zero!

Bunker 6

See this fine post nuke movie in the cinema.  Director and lead actor in attendance!

Upside Down

This sumptuous, big-budget, French-Canadian production is the story of two people, not from opposite sides of the tracks but from two different planets with dual gravity enabling them to orbit each


Ghost stories and haunted houses have a strong tradition in British cinema and literature.

SFL Pub Quiz

Not quite but almost free as the ticket price includes refreshments, including beer and wine (well it is a pub quiz, though not strictly in a pub). 

Zombie Desert

This is a different approach to the zombie apocalypse sub-genre in that it is more the setting for the story, rather than the subject of it.

OXV: The Manual

Science meets philosophy in this film spanning three ages.