A cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence android exhibits unnerving emergent behavior when a reporter begins a relationship with the scientist who created it

Hardware 25th Anniversary

Special event with composer Simon Boswell (Q&A and live performance)

25 years ago this film warped a lot of minds, if you have never seen it – you must!

Closer to God

Despite the world being massively overpopulated, scientists insist on finding more ways of increasing our numbers, and experiments on cloning continue.

Deep Dark

Any creative person will be able to relate to Hermann.

Movement + Location

In this gently paced, well-acted feature, director Alexis Boling lays bare modernday relationships and responsibilities.


Arson detective Ben Walls is injured in an explosion during a routine investigation.

Man Vs.

Chris Diamantopoulos plays Doug Woods, host of his own hit WebTV series, ‘MAN VS’. Doug must survive for five days in remote locations.

Shorts Programme 8

MatchThe Darkball champion must be faster, stronger and better than all the rest. This is not just a short film, this, is Darkball.

Shorts Programme 7

ChasmA blue collar astronaut mines for ore above the surface of a planet.