Boy 7

Based on the best-selling Dutch novel by Mirjam Mous, BOY 7 is a slick thriller that is both smart and well-paced.

Shorts Programme 9

Himiko the Godslayer vs. the Daemon Legion of Azure DragonsKyoto, Japan, the guardian Gods who protect the four quarters suddenly revolt against human beings! To save the world, a Godslayer, Kaguraoka Himiko, takes action.

The Quiet Hour

The survival aspect of post-apocalyptic films is generally not done very well and does not withstand much scrutiny.

Shorts Programme 6

Savant: Kali 47, Undead dark riders invade a wild west saloon, blasting away everyone in sight. Now only a bad-ass Native American warrior can save the town.

Shorts Programme 5

Becoming OneA full CG-animated piece exploring the relationship between connectivity and individuality.

Shorts Programme 4

GearWith so many forces aligned against Mazzy, she turns to her only ally, an old broken down construction robot named Three.

Shorts Programme 3

Aeris, Humans have been forced to take refuge deep within the Earth. One man journeys to the surface in search of a better life.