Oktoberfest 2011

Events at the Cyber Market

Not only do we have some amazing films on offer at Oktoberfest but we have a selection of FREE* events at the Cyber Market on Camden High Street.

Angels & Airwaves Love

A soldier, caught under the dark cloud of the Civil War, is given the opportunity to head West and witness an extraordinary discovery made by another Regiment.


It’s near future Japan and Kika, a teenage girl living on the run with her father, is trying to stay away from her mother and uncle, a pair of psychotic cannibals.

Anime All nighter

In association with MANGA ENTERTAINMENT, KAZE and SCOTLAND LOVES ANIMATON we are excited about the notorious ANIME-ALLNIGHT screening which starts at 11.30pm on Sat 8th and ends around 8am on Sunda

MST3k All nighter

Never been to an allnighter before? Or been to an MST3K one? Either way, you will be up all night laughing.

Another Earth

Rhoda Williams, a bright young woman accepted into MIT's astrophysics program, aspires to explore the cosmos.

The Divide

The film opens with missiles hitting the ground in New York, prompting mass panic that culminates with Mickey slamming the door of his personal fallout shelter, shutting himself inside along with a

Phase 7

As a pandemic spreads across Buenos Aires, Coco wants to protect his pregnant wife Pipi inside their quarantined apartment building by joining forces with his well-armed neighbour Horacio.

Rob Deb's Sci-fi-cabaret

Hosted by SCI-FI-LONDON's favourite geek comedian, Rob Deb, we present a night of stupidity, dancing and probably some nudity!