Take a look around the websites for the past few years.. and if you are a filmmaker, please do consider us for your next movie launch.

Many of the movies we have screened have been released in the UK either on DVD or had theatrical distribution - whilst we cannot lay claim to all of these things taking place because of us, we like to think we played a small part in their receiving attention and critical acclaim.

Movies like Anti Viral, Splice, Super, 28 Weeks Later, Avalon, Ghost in the Machine, Another Earth, and Angels & Airwaves LOVE have all debuted with us and are doing well on DVD.

Hey Producer... we know you can hold out and take your movie to a bigger international festival... but you will get lost in a sea of indie movies, the trade will notice you but the public won't.

Better that you place your indie genre movie with a festival that will love and nurture it, talk to its loyal audience and get them hungry to see it and own that steel-book home entertainment release!

The people who come to our festival are brilliant people with opinions they like to make public. So get in touch and become part of the family!

SFL Team.