28th April - 3rd May 2010 @ Apollo Piccadilly Circus

Welcome to the year 2050

A lot has happened since we last met. Flying cars came and went, we had that human cloning incident, and remember the trouble with tribbles!?

Okay, so it is 2010, but wouldn’t it be fun to get a glimpse of how life might feel in 2050? Recently we have focused on the achievements of 40 years ago: the moon landing, the start of Arpanet (the origin of the Internet) and the humble computer mouse, and even the launch of the Jumbo Jet. The way we live has certainly altered – we travel and communicate faster than ever; we touchscreen our way around information and carry 1000s of songs in our pockets.

But what next? In 2050 what will we be nostalgic about? How will our daily lives be different? Work, travel, socialising... will anyone still smoke?

For this edition of the festival, we put LIFE IN 2050 under the spotlight. We have put together a series of themed LAB sessions in which to investigate the future of science, society and culture over the next 40 years. In addition, we are thrilled that TRANSMISSION, one of the UK’s leading design practices, has curated the LIFE IN 2050 exhibition showing at the Proud Central Gallery where over 20 commissioned artists have responded to the brief: 'life in 2050 – where do you see it?'

Of course we’ll be providing our customary heady mix of new and classic science fiction and fantasy films that present their own view of future possibilities. We couldn’t resist this though: the movie line-up includes a Bollywood sci-fi extravaganza entitled LOVE STORY 2050...

Strap on your jetpack join us in the future.

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