Girl Geek Dinners: British women of Manga panel

Girl Geek Dinners

Although there have been notable and successful female comic book creators on both sides of the Atlantic over the last half century, it is the translation of Japanese Manga in the West that has seen considerably more female comics creators join the medium in recent years. This is possibly a combination of Manga having a greater female appeal than traditional Western comics and original Japanese Manga being already created by women in Japan.

To discuss these issues we have a trio of up and coming UK Manga creators:

  • Kate Brown illustrated the Manga Shakespeare adaptation A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Emma Vieceli is contributing to the comic strip adaptations of the songs of Tori Amos Comic Book Tattoo and continues to draw an online Manga story, Dragon Heir.
  • Karen Rubins found early acclaim for her self published graphic novel The Dark
  • Chair: Judith Lewis, one of the founders of Geek Girl Dinners is a veteran of anime conventions and has hosted Shinnenkai events.

This is a free event for women only. Men are allowed as guests of a LGGD member. To get your tickets register at from Wednesday, 14th April.

Screening Times

7:00pm - Thu, 29th Apr 2010