Coffee with

Ever wanted to have a proper chat with a writer? Want to ask them about a book of theirs you like or how they come up with ideas or their process? Well, we give you the chance to have a coffee with some leading lights in SF and Fantasy writing.

Please don’t sign up to this lightly, we have very limited space in these intimate sessions, so only sign up if you are 100% certain of being there.


  • 1.00PM Adrian Tchaikovsky
  • 3.00PM Gary Gibson
  • 5.00PM Tony Ballantyne


  • 1.00PM Gary Erskine
  • 3.00PM China Miéville - Full, sign up for reserve list

Adrian Tchaikovsky is the acclaimed author of the Shadows of the Apt fantasy series. Book four, Salute the Dark, is out now.

Gary Gibson is from Glasgow. Nova War is his fourth novel and his second Dakota Merrick book, following 2007’s Stealing Light. The third in the series, Empire of Light, is to be published in July.

Tony Ballantyne is the author of The Recursion Trilogy and is currently completing his fifth science fiction novel, Blood & Iron.

Gary Erskine is one of the most popular British comic book artists who has worked on both sides of the Atlantic on titles such as Knights of Pendragon, 2000 AD , The Terminator, Hellblazer and Dan Dare and has experience as both a penciller and inker.

China Miéville is two-time winner of the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award for Science Fiction Literature and the British Fantasy Award. His new novel Kraken is out in May.

Screening Times

1:00pm - Sat, 1st May 2010
Adrian Tchaikovsky
3:00pm - Sat, 1st May 2010
Gary Gibson
5:00pm - Sat, 1st May 2010
Tony Ballantyne
1:00pm - Sun, 2nd May 2010
Gary Erskine
3:00pm - Sun, 2nd May 2010
China Miéville