Blink of an Eye: Shorts Programme

Blink of an Eye Shorts Programme

We love short films and think they are a wonderful format for science fiction themes. Each year we receive hundreds of excellent films and it is a difficult task to decide what to select for our shorts programme. A little like DJing, we want to get the mix right and take you on a fantastic journey – we feel we have it right this year with a remarkable range of styles and ideas from around the world. Short films are screened in two programmes and indicated thus:

Best Short Film 2010

SCI-FI-LONDON Best Short Film 2010
Mister Green


(2009, Dir: Greg Pak, USA, 15mins) Catastrophic global warming has become reality; jaded government employee Mason becomes embroiled in a radical plan to save the planet by radically transforming the human race. A beautiful and inspiring film.

Screening Times

7:00pm - Fri, 30th Apr 2010
Programme 1
3:30pm - Sun, 2nd May 2010
Programme 1
3:30pm - Sat, 1st May 2010
Programme 2
5:00pm - Mon, 3rd May 2010
Programme 2