My Friend Went to 2050 and all I got was this Indecipherable Mixed-media Post-Postmodernist Metaphor


What will the arts scene look like in 2050? What new (or old!) forms and mediums will be grabbing the headlines, filling our homes and galleries and concert venues and mobile devices? And how will their creators be making a living from it?

Chair: Paul Graham Raven

  • Philip Palmer is a screenwriter, radio dramatist, film producer and novelist. He has written three science fiction novels: Debatable Space, Red Claw and Version 43.
  • Archie Tait is a cinéaste and producer, who has worked as a pioneering film distributor and scheduler, and also as a television producer and executive producer of a staggeringly large and diverse body of work.
  • Paul Prudence is an artist and real-time visual performer working with computational and visual feedback systems and video. He is a lecturer in visual music and synaesthetic art.
  • Nico Macdonald is focused on the way that computing and the network are tied in with changes in social life, working and professional practice, and how design and innovation can shape organisations.

Screening Times

5:45pm - Sat, 1st May 2010

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