Maybe they ARE out to get you!?


Join our panel of shady characters as they discuss the theory of conspiracy. We also get a sneak preview of PHIL LEIRNESS and DEAN HAGLUND’s new documentary on the subject. They have been around the world talking to allsorts about allsorts... of course, if we told you too much we’d have to kill you. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE explores what it means to search for truth in a world where conspiracy and conspiracy theories are everywhere.

Panellists include:

  • Dean Haglund is probably best known for playing Langly, one of the computer geeks known as ‘The Lone Gunmen’ in The X-Files. He also starred in the spin-off series The Lone Gunmen.
  • Phil Leirness is the director of the critically acclaimed science-fiction ghost story, Spectres. He is currently developing several feature film projects.
  • Graham Hancock is the author of Fingerprints of the Gods and other explosive investigations into historical mysteries. His new book is the sci-fi fantasy-adventure epic, Entangled.
  • Robin Tudge is co-author of the best-selling Rough Guide to Conspiracy Theories (second edition out this year) and working on a synopsis for the encroaching digital neo-Stasi corporate state.

Screening Times

2:30pm - Mon, 3rd May 2010

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