Comics and Film


While the cinema seems to be obsessed with comic book adaptations in recent years, this panel looks at the more general phenomenon of the dialogue between comics and film as comic book creators help design movies and draw storyboards for moving pictures and in turn, film has started to dictate the format of modern comics.

Panellists include:

  • Woodrow Phoenix started off as a small press comic book creator in the vibrant British scene of the 1980s before becoming a popular kids illustrator that lead to such unlikely collaborations as with Mark (Kick-Ass) Millar on Sonic the Comic and lettering Alan Moore's A Small Killing. More recently he has seen his comic Pants Ant turned into an animated series by The Cartoon Network and produced the acclaimed graphic novel Rumble Strip which was influenced by film noir and road movies.
  • Howard Webster is an award-winning photographer who has combined film and sequential art in the web comic. The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore, which combines comic book art with both images and action movie sequences starring Colin Salmon.
  • Marcus Gilbert, an iconic genre actor from the 1980s from films such as Biggles and Army of Darkness plus a reoccurring role in the last series of 'classic' Doctor Who, is the star of Howard Webster's latest project 'Dragon Soccer' and will be joining Alex and the two comic creators on the panel.

Screening Times

4:00pm - Mon, 3rd May 2010