Part A-TEAM, part MYSTERY MEN, part THE LOSERS, part KICK ASS, with a bit of HIGHLANDER thrown in for good measure. In an LA that only seems to be occupied by rival gangs and an inefficient police force (some may say that's not that far from reality) Callan aka The Cross, leads a gang of mercenary vigilantes to fight street crime.

Protected by an ancient Celtic cross that gives him super powers and makes him impervious to most attacks, he is borne down by his legacy.

Naturally, his team all have their own unique skills, with matching code names. When women start disappearing from the streets, Callan discovers they are being taken for their blood: not by vampires but by a crime boss trying to please an immortal Viking intent on destroying mankind.

It really is as cheesy as it sounds, but doesn't take itself too seriously. In fact, you get the feeling that a whole lot of mates got together to make a low budget action movie for a bit of fun between real jobs.

It just so happens that they are reasonably well-known actors that include Brian Austin Green (Sarah Connor Chronicles), Jake Busey, Tom Sizemore, Michael Clarke Duncan and Vinnie Jones. The script is clichéd, which means the acting never comes over as convincing, even if they are doing it for a lark.

If you see it as a Saturday night beer and pizza distraction then it is a bit of mindless fun but it's not going to be much of a threat to the films previously mentioned.

CROSS is out now on DVD and available from Play and all good retailers.

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