Do not confuse this with the Terry Gilliam film, or anything on the DVD cover, as this film has nothing to do with either.

OK, it does have Battlestar Galacticia and Dollhouse’s Tahmoh Penikett in the lead role, and a reasonable cast of British actors in support, but it doesn’t have a fire-breathing dragon (which, given the track record of dragon films may have actually contributed to its failure), nor a cast of thousands of warriors. In fact, the whole cast could be counted on your fingers.

There is, justifiably, lots of talk at the moment about the quality of television productions and, in terms of fantasy, Game of Thrones is pretty hard to beat on big or small screen (and it has dragons), but this TV movie from the SyFy channel is more reminiscent of TV movies from the ’70s, both in terms of production values and screenplay, which revolves around sibling rivalry and damsels in distress.

It’s only redeeming value is how hard the actors worked to get the diabolical dialogue to sound at least a little convincing, and that is a real stretch.

For the most part, it is nonsense, and not in the sense that Lewis Carroll intended his poem to be. Over the years, the SyFy (SciFi) Channel has produced some amazing, groundbreaking shows, with the aforementioned Battlestar Galactica its crowning glory. Unfortunately, this does not even come close.

If you are a fan of medieval fantasy then this may amuse you for 90 minutes, but there are much better ways to pass your time.

Jabberwock: Dragon Siege is out now on DVD.

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