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Anyone who attended the Horizons event at BFI during SFL11 to celebrate 30 years of the ZX Spectrum will have had the chance to see and get their hands on the new generation of home computers that will hopefully replicate what the Spectrum did and get young people interested in coding again.

Of course, technology has moved on in leaps and bounds and the Raspberry Pi is a completely different beast, with USB port, Ethernet, HDMI output (so you can still attach it to a TV), and data stored on SD cards instead of cassette tapes.

We are all pretty complacent about it, but just the fact that SD cards can hold GBs of info for less than £1 per GB and fit on something the size of a thumbnail (or smaller if you consider MicroSD) is still quite mind-blowing.

And the fact that the people making the Raspberry Pi can produce them to sell for around £25 is equally mind-blowing. OK, you don’t get a beautifully designed case that you do with an Apple computer, in fact you don’t get any case at all, nor power supply (micro USB - like most new phone chargers), keyboard, mouse, monitor or disk drive, but these are all cheap now, or already lying around your house.

This is getting back to grassroots computing and it has a lot of people excited as they are perpetually on back order because of demand.

However, we have four of these little beauties to give away so you can get your geek on. And even if you don’t have any aspirations to become a hacker, they make a pretty cool digital video player.

If you want to win one, click on the link below and answer a suitably nerdy question to be in with a chance.

To find out more about Raspberry Pi visit or order one from RS

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