Star Trek The Visual Dictionary

JJ Abrams is about to hit us with the next episode of his take on Star Trek, which promises to be darker and more action packed than the last one. With decades worth of stories to draw on, from the various incarnations, it promises to be a huge hit for long-term fans, as well as a new generation of Trekkers (and Trekkies).

Star Trek Visual Dictionary
Star Trek Visual Dictionary

For all those new fans, as well as the hardcore completists, Dorling Kindersley have just published Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary. This large-format illustrated book covers all the different series and their characters, aliens and technology. This may not cover all the minutiae of the Star Trek universe, but it is an excellent primer for anyone looking to explore it for the first time.

Star Trek Visual Dictionary
Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary
is out now in all good bookshops.

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