The Vampire Diaries Season 4

As we return for another bloodthirsty season of The Vampire Diaries, everything is in transition and you’d be forgiven for getting a little confused between your vampires, werewolves, hybrids and doppelgangers.

So, to celebrate the release of The Vampire Diaries: Season Four and The Complete Season 1-4 Box set on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download from 26th August, we’ve compiled your complete extensive guide to the supernatural inhabitants of Mystic Falls. Here is our one-stop shop for all TVD loves, rivalries, deaths, families and trivia to keep you up-to date and ready for Season 5…

The Vampire Diaries Elena
Elena Gilbert

Doppelganger and descendent of vampire Katherine Pierce.

Brother: Jeremy Gilbert (later finds out they’re cousins)
Biological mother: Isobel Flemming (deceased – combusted)(was married to Alaric Saltzman as a human)
Biological father: Grayson Gilbert (deceased – drowned)
Adopted Mother (deceased – drowned): Miranda Sommers Gilbert
Adopted Father (deceased- magical): John Gilbert (dated Jenna Sommers)
Aunt and guardian (deceased – killed by Klaus): Jenna Sommers
Guardian (deceased - magical): Alaric Saltzman (dated Jenna Sommers)

Matt Donovan- ex-boyfriend
Stefan Salvatore- Season 1-3
Damon Salvatore- Season 4

Trivia: Stefan rescued Elena when the car with her and her adopted parents drove off Wickery Bridge and they died.
Trivia: Elena is sired to Damon and will do everything he says.

The Vampire Diaries Stefan
Stefan Salvatore

Vampire who becomes a cold blooded killer if tastes human blood

Brother: Damon Salvatore
Father: Giuseppe Salvatore

Rebekah Mikaelson
Katherine Pierce
Elena Gilbert- Season 1-3

Trivia: Stefan and Damon’s distant nephew Zach Salvatore was masquerading as their uncle in S1 before Damon killed him
Trivia: Doppelganger and distant relative to Silas (unveiled in S3 finale)
Trivia: Stefan convinced Damon to turn into a Vampire against his wishes

The Vampire Diaries - Damon
Damon Salvatore

Vampire ‘bad boy’ driven by passion and impulse

Brother: Stefan Salvatore
Father: Giuseppe Salvatore
Best Friend: Alaric Saltzman (deceased – supernatural)

Katherine Pierce
Andie Star (deceased, compelled by Stefan to jump off a stage) – Season 3
Caroline Forbes – Season 1
Rebekah- Season 3
Elena Gilbert- Season 4
Rose (deceased – werewolf bite) – Season 2

Trivia: Stefan’s best friend Lexi was killed by Damon
Trivia: Damon met Elena first but compelled her to forget
Trivia: Elena’s mother Isobel was turned into a vampire by Damon

The Vampire Diaries Jeremy
Jeremy Gilbert 

Moody teen turned hero who can talk to ghosts and is a member of an ancient clan of hunters

Adoptive Sister: Elena Gilbert (later finds out they are cousins)
Aunt: Jenna Sommers (deceased – killed by Klaus)
Mother: Miranda Sommers Gilbert
Father: Grayson Gilbert

Vicki Donovan- Season 1
Anna- Season 1
Bonnie Bennett

Trivia: Jeremy was brought back to life by Bonnie in the Season 4 finale, who died in the process
Trivia: Katherine Pierce was responsible for Jeremy’s death as she fed him to Silas in Season 4
Jeremy’s death caused Elena to switch off her humanity switch

The Vampire Diaries Tyler
Tyler Lockwood

Werewolf-Vampire hybrid who is on the run from Klaus after turning his hybrids against him

Mother: Carol Lockwood (deceased – killed by Klaus)
Father: Richard Lockwood (deceased – supernatural)
Uncle: Mason Lockwood (deceased – killed by Damon)

Vicki Donovan- Season 1
Caroline Forbes

Trivia: Tyler had to kill a girl to trigger the werewolf curse
Trivia: Tyler made out with Matt’s mum
Trivia: Tyler was the first successful hybrid transformation and was thus sired to Klaus

The Vampire Diaries Bonnie
Bonnie Bennett

Powerful witch descendent from ancient coven tempted into the dark art of Expression

Best friends: Elena Gilbert, Caroline Forbes
Mother: Abby Bennett Wilson
Father: Rudy Bennett
Adoptive Brother: Jamie
Grandmother: Sheila Bennett (deceased – supernatural)
Ancestors: Emily Bennett and Lucy

Jeremy Gilbert – seasons 2-4
Luka Martin – Season 2

The Vampire Diaries Caroline
Caroline Forbes

Miss Mystic Falls head cheerleader turned vampire

Mother: Sheriff Liz Forbes
Father: William Forbes II (deceased – vampire)

Damon Salvatore – S1
Matt Donavan – S1-2
Tyler Lockwood –S3-4
Best Friends: Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett, Stefan Salvatore

Trivia: Caroline sung ‘I’ll Stand by You’ to Matt at the Mystic Grill
Trivia: Klaus and Caroline made out unbeknownst to her when he was in Tyler’s body
Trivia: In S1 Damon compelled Caroline to be his sex slave and constant blood supply

The Vampire Diaries Alaric
Alaric ‘Ric’ Saltzman

History teacher by day, vampire hunter by night

Isobel Flemming- ex-wife (deceased- combusted)
Jenna Sommers (deceased- killed by Klaus)
Meredith Fell – Season 3
Best Friend: Damon Salvatore
Children: Guardian to Elena Gilbert and Jeremy Gilbert

Trivia: Ric’s ex-wife was turned into a vampire by Damon and is the birth mother of Elena Gilbert



The Vampire Diaries Matt
Matt Donavan

Kind-hearted Quarterback and only remaining human character

Mother: Kelly Donovan
Sister: Vicki Donovan (deceased – staked by Stefan)

Elena Gilbert
Caroline Forbes
Best Friend: Tyler Lockwood
Matt works at the Mystic Grill where Jeremy used to help out

Trivia: Elena forced Stefan to save Matt instead of her when their car crashed into the lake
Trivia: Matt and Bonnie were Season 4’s Prom King and Queen

The Vampire Diaries Klaus
Klaus (AKA Niklaus Mikaelson)

The Vampire Diaries resident bad boy, Original Hybrid and twisted loner

Brothers: Elijah, Kol, Finn and Henrik
Sister: Rebekah
Father: Unnamed Werewolf
Step-father: Mikael
Mother: Esther
Best Friend: Marcel
Klaus killed his mother and blamed his father

Caroline Forbes (love interest)

Trivia: Klaus desperately wants to create a race of vampire-werewolf hybrids so he is not alone, he needs the blood of a Petrova Doppelganger to do so
Trivia: Klaus is a very skilled artist

The Vampire Diaries Elijah
Elijah Mikaelson

Eldest of the Original clan and the most noble and fair of them all after reaching an understanding with Elena against a mutual enemy

Brothers: Klaus, Finn, Kol, Henrik and unnamed older half-brother
Mother: Esther
Sister: Rebekah Mikaelson
Father: Mikael

Katerina Petrova – Season 4

Trivia: Elijah is the first Original we see in the series
Trivia: Elijah and Klaus both loved a vampire called Tatia who begun the Petrova doppelganger line

Rebekah Mikaelson

Free-spirited Original vampire with a burning desire to be human

Brothers: Klaus, Elijah and Henrik
Father: Mikael
Mother: Esther

Stefan Salvatore- in the 1920s
Damon Salvatore- Season 3
Alexander – a vampire hunter and member of ‘The Five’
Matt Donavan (love interest)

Trivia: Rebecca is responsible for driving Matt’s car off the bridge, killing Elena and turning her into a vampire

The Vampire Diaries Katherine
Katherine Pierce (AKA Katerina Petrova)

The calculating and manipulative first love and sire of the Salvatore brothers

Friends: Pearl, Anna and Emily Bennett
Turned Stefan and Damon into vampires
Turned Caroline into a vampire
Turned Mason Lockwood into a Werewolf

Stefan Salvatore
Damon Salvatore
[Spoiler] Elijah Mikaelson
Mason Lockwood – Season 2
On the run from Klaus for centuries, who killed her entire family

Trivia: As a human, Katherine gave birth to an ‘illegitimate’ baby girl who was taken from her

The Vampire Diaries Atticus
Atticus Shane

The mysterious wiccan professor with an ulterior motive

Wife: Caitlin Shane (deceased – expression spell)
Son: Sam Shane (deceased - accident)
Minion: Hayley, Connor

Caitlin Shane

Trivia: Shane teaches in Whitmore College where Jenna Sommers was enrolled as a graduate student

The Vampire Diaries Season 4
The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Fourth Season
and The Complete seasons 1-4 box set are out on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download on 26th August 2013, from Warner Home Video.

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