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Grimm Season 2
The supernatural and mythological underworld rips away at the fabric of reality in this fantasy crime drama, as one Portland homicide detective must fight the killers that only he can see.

Plagued by his supernatural lineage, Nick (Giuntoli) must battle the fantastical creatures of German storytelling (‘Wesen’) that wear a human face, whilst fighting to keep his secret from the people he loves the most.

This season, as our hero finally comes to terms with his power and identity, he must tackle yet more gruesome and bizarre crimes committed by universally renowned and dangerously misunderstood creatures of ancient lore.

Follow your favourite enigmatic characters on a journey through super-human amnesia, fatal potions, deadly plagues, child abductions and even UFOs!

Grimm Season 2 is out on DVD and Blu-ray on October 21 and available from Amazon.

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