Win FRANKENSTEIN: The True Story

Frankenstein: True Story
One of the best adaptations (to date) of this classic story, said to be the first real science fiction novel. We have 3 copies of this new release from Second Sight, enter to win one, and if you don't go buy it - it really is a must-see.

Frankenstein: The True Story is a 1973 British/American made-for-television production directed by Jack Smight and screenplay was co-written by novelist Christopher Isherwood.

Frankenstein: True Story

The film stars Leonard Whiting as Victor Frankenstein, Jane Seymour as Prima and features great performance from David McCallum as Henry Clerval and James Mason as Dr Polidori. The creature is brilliantly played by the very handsome Michael Sarrazin and instead of being ugly from the start, the Creature is portrayed as physically beautiful but increasingly hideous as the story unfolds.

It was originally broadcast in two 90-minute parts, and this DVD has both parts not the single movie length cut.

With the 200th anniversary looming (written 1816, published 1818) we are sure a whole heap of adaptations and celebrations will start appearing, this so far is one of the strongest and most tragic.

Released 10 March.

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