The Facility

The Facility

Set in a research lab, where a group of random strangers have agreed to take part in drug trials for a new product called Pro9.

The rules are simple: stay within the confines of the hospital for the duration of the trial, do not consume any other drugs, no smoking, no alcohol, no communication with the outside world, and do not take part in any strenuous exercise.

Easy but boring is their joint conclusion. However, not long after taking the drug, two of the participants go crazy and the others must fight for survival and find a cure to prevent the drug from doing the same thing to them.

These kind of films are easy enough to second guess from their basic set-up, but it's what happens when the horror unfolds that's important. Reminiscent of Cronenberg's SHIVERS, though not so rough or low-budget, what makes this work are the performances, as the excellent cast play it straight!

Clark's debut feature is executed with real flair and we are delighted to have him at our PRODUCTION WORKSHOP DAY at the BFI, to talk through his process.

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Screening Times

12:50pm - Sat, 4th May 2013


Ian Clark