They Live Among Us - Benjamin Percy

An ‘in conversation with’ Benjamin Percy and exclusive screening of HEMLOCK GROVE.

American writer Benjamin Percy has a new book out in May and we are delighted to have him at the festival to talk about his work, genre fiction in general and one of the festival’s favourite beasts; werewolves.

Ben is set to burst onto the genre scene in spectacular fashion this year with his novel RED MOON – an epic, apocalyptic thriller with chilling resonance for our modern world. He is one of the most gifted and versatile writers to appear in genre publishing in years.

Following the talk we are delighted to screen the first two episodes of HEMLOCK GROVE, the brand new horror television series for Netflix from Eli Roth.

What better way to follow a light supper than come talk about ripping into human flesh... Grrrrr. Presented by Netflix and Hodderscape.


Stratford Picturehouse

Screening Times

9:00pm - Thu, 2nd May 2013