48 Hour Challenge Awards

48 Hour Film Challenge 2014

Over the last five years we have run the SCI-FI-LONDON 48hr Film Challenge and have had over 800 films completed, many of which have gone to other film festivals, been broadcast on TV and seen two feature films completed, including MONSTERS by Gareth Edwards, who has his next film GODZILLA out in May 2014.

 In 2013 we had 181 films made in one weekend, with around 2500 people taking part! In 2014 there were 502 teams taking part!

But not content with filmmaking, we introduced two new 48 hour challenges.  One to write a 1500 word story, the other to write a story and tell it to camera on YouTube - a bit like Jackanory, for those who remember it.

Ran in association with UrbanFantasist.com, Boris FX and NewScientist.  Full details on how the challenges work visit sci-fi-london.com

The evening will be followed by a reception in the bar, hosted by the Director's Guild of Great Britain.

Prizes include a micro-budget feature deal with WildSeed Studios, Boris FX plugins, cameras and other goodies.  We also will have one of the stories on a LATE NIGHT TALES album, read by Warwick Davis!

Winners and runners-up are invited to our special award ceremony, and we have a limited number of tickets for you too.  Come and meet the teams and see that Britain really has got talent!

Boris FX - Urban Fantasist - Director's Guild


Stratford Picturehouse

Screening Times

6:00pm - Thu, 1st May 2014