Wearable Horizons

Wearable Horizons

From the calculator watch of the 1980s, things have certainly moved on in terms of uniting technology with wearable objects. The term "wearables" has come into fashion as a bit of a catch-all for anything digital that you can also wear. From the Nike+ to the Samsung Galaxy Gear via Google Glass, it still feels like the wearables concept is in its infancy, but investment and attention is advancing very quickly.

Will your smartphone soon become outmoded? Will you be buying clothing with location technologies? Maybe your socks will record your journey history?

Join us for Wearable Horizons, an event which discusses the current and future for wearables.

Why are they important? What is the potential for wearable technologies? What privacy and social implications are there? Will wearables become fundamental to our lives, or a fad which will soon burn out and fade away?

It's going to be a lively event with discussions, presentations, and demonstrations of the latest in wearable technology. We will even have 3D printing on site and talk about how easily you can start to prototype your own wearable tech.

Come and join us for a vision of a wearable future - no dress code!
Wearable Horizons is produced in association with IMPERICA


BFI Southbank

Screening Times

12:00am - Sat, 3rd May 2014

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12:00am - Sun, 4th May 2014

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