The Creep Behind the Camera

If ever a film was ripe for the MST3K treatment it was THE CREEPING TERROR (and, in fact, it's in our 25th anniversary all-nighter!). The original is so unbelievably awful and ineptly executed that the movie transcends the sci-fi and horror genres, unintentionally becoming a comedy even before Tom Servo, Crow T. Robot and the rest of the crew got their teeth into it.

However, the story behind the film is even more dark and bizarre than the fiction. Tales of sex, drugs, money, scams, high comedy, heartbreak, bank robberies, Nazism, missing persons, suicide, false identities and a tie-in to the Manson murders are all part of the truth.

Art Nelson, aka Vic Savage, was a con-artist looking to make a buck. Movie-making was just one of his weapons of choice.

But the methods to Art's madness in creating The Creeping Terror make Ed Wood's story trivial in comparison. Unlike Ed Wood however, CREEP! is told by the actual people who helped bring The Creeping Terror to life, for better or for worse. More than just talking heads, this film recreates these sensational stories using talented actors.

Both disturbing and funny, this film shows just how murky the film industry used to be, and one suspects it hasn’t really changed that much.

A real delight, not to be missed by any cult film fan.


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3:00pm - Sat, 3rd May 2014

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United States
Pete Schuermann