SENN is a really interesting film that delivers big, classic, almost literary science fiction, rare in the movies these days as many indie sci-fi movies are Earth bound tales of dystopia or tech gone bad.

Pyom is a forgotten, dystopian world owned by the Royddin corporation where Senn is a lowly line worker.

It’s a mind-numbing existence, governed by stifling corporate rules, where workers live in fear of being ‘delisted’, a fate as bad as death. When Senn begins to experience waking dreams that he doesn’t understand, he feels tested and starts to question his sanity, which begins to threaten his job, his relationships and his very existence. As the situation reaches breaking point, an enigmatic alien intelligence with ambiguous intentions suddenly appears from nowhere.

With Senn’s sanity hanging in the balance, he and his lover, Kana, escorted by their peculiar alien host journey light years away to the Polychronom, an ancient object that has chosen him from across the stars. Their only hope is for Senn to fulfil a mysterious destiny to help reweave the fabric of civilisation.

The writer and director of SENN set out to see how hard it was to make a good movie on a low budget, and this film perfectly demonstrates what can be done with little money and lots of imagination, a good script and utilising the latest digital filmmaking tools.

A fully realised world with well thought out culture and folklore, this is a refreshing début feature.

The writer and director will be at the screening for a Q&A after the film, not to be missed!


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6:00pm - Tue, 29th Apr 2014

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United States
Josh Feldman