SOS: Save Our Skins

Ben and Stephen, two English geeks fast approaching middle age, are in New York for a sci-fi convention. They wake up in their hotel, after their jet-lagged sleep, to find that the human race has disappeared. Of course, the Internet stills works, so they start sending SOS messages on YouTube, and when they get a response they head off on a road trip across America... like you would.

As they explore the seemingly empty world before them, the initial freedom of being the only two humans left on Earth soon wears off when the fun turns to boredom and bickering, and then outright fear as they begin to find other forms of life wandering about the desolate planet – and not all of it friendly. Oh, and then they discover that there is something even worse about to happen to them and the Earth is doomed. Really bad weekend for them…

Written by and starring talent from TV comedy staples such as Smack the Pony, Big Train and Trollied, this is a nerdy buddy comedy in the vein of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost vehicles, filled with pop culture references, broad comedy and a fair share pratfalls that any sci-fi fan will enjoy. We certainly did!

We are also delighted to have the cast with us for a Q&A.


Screening Times

6:30pm - Wed, 30th Apr 2014

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United Kingdom/Canada
Kent Sobey