Who's Changing? - With Doctor Who Panel

Not a new album from the 60s rock band, but a documentary about another 60s phenomenon, Doctor Who. The fact that both have survived into the 21st century (deaths and rege-ge-generation aside) is a miracle in itself, and something only someone able to traverse time and space could have foreseen.

Despite an almost decadelong hiatus, the series is more popular now than it ever was. Always family friendly sci-fi, but now the fandom embraces those who remember watching those early, groundbreaking black-and-white episodes with William Hartnell up to those who grew up with Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith.

This film celebrates fifty years of Who and its fans, and talks tothosewho worked behind the (wobbly) scenes with the costumes and, of course, the ever-present companions. It also talks to the fans who are as responsible for the show’s continuing success as the writers and stars.

Starting with a panel discussion before the film with Lisa Bowerman, James Goss and Scott Hancock about their involvement with Doctor Who animation and audio plays, we then screen this fabulous documentary and round off with a Q&A with the director, Cameron (aka @BlogtorWho).

If you are a Doctor Who fan, this film is for you, and who knows, you may even be in it.


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11:30am - Sat, 3rd May 2014

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United Kingdom
Cameron McEwan

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