Dolcezza Extrema

SCI-FI-LONDON would like to coin a new term – SOXPLOITATION.

In a galaxy far, far away, Captain Pixws was a bad-ass rockstar but the galaxy has grown tired of him, and the new king, Grigorio, has come to power with an idea that ‘fitness régimes’ will keep his populace content.

Tasked with delivering essential tanning showers to every corner of the universe, Pixws and his crew find themselves on planet Nemesis, where Pixws discovers ‘a lot of things wrong with the galaxy’ and that he may have been played for a fool.

To try to pin down Dolcezza Extrema with a synopsis isn’t really fair. On the surface it reads like a space opera with more than a few nods to Star Wars, but that would be missing the point as this movie is quite simply insane: a no-budget science fiction piece starring mostly sock puppets in a world of sex and crime, with some song-and-dance scenes thrown in for good measure. 

If you’re looking for a politically correct narrative and a three-act structure this might not be for you, but if you’re open to new visions on screen… it’s awesome!   

Screening Times

8:30pm - Fri, 29th Apr 2016
Double Bill

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Genesis Cinema
3:00pm - Sat, 30th Apr 2016

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Rich Mix


Italian (English Subtitles)
Alberto Genovese