Dual City

In 2034, following a civil war, Japan is divided into North and South. Yoriko, a nurse living in the north, had lost her daughter during the war but when she is abducted by guerrilla terrorists she discovers that her daughter may exist in the ‘Information Life’: a digital collection of memories.

Yoriko’s kidnappers tell her about the  Nephe Corporation, a mighty high-tech giant, and she becomes involved in the hacker resistance. In exchange for carrying a mysterious dead body from North to South, she is promised help to find her daughter.

Along the way, she also meets a highly-capable agent, Ayumi, who helps her infiltrate the corporation’s headquarters. Their ownership of the Information Life technology allows them to retain a stranglehold over both the North and South. What are Nephe’s real intentions with the system and will Yoriko be reunited with her child?

With nods to Japan’s neighbours who are so divided, Hasegawa has directed a solid story, well told, with a futuristic vision – a great example of contemporary independent Japanese sci-fi.  


Screening Times

5:00pm - Tue, 3rd May 2016

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1:00pm - Thu, 5th May 2016

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Japanese (English Subtitles)
Yokna Hasegawa