Shorts Programme 3

SCI-FI-LONDON loves short film! We’ve always supported shorts through our festival programming and our 48 Hour Film Challenge.

Expect the unexpected from serious to silly and everything else in between.

Our selection is presented in 6 programmes over the festival. Enjoy!

This programme includes:

Dir: Carlo Gariboldi, 2016, English, 15mins, UK
Astronaut Jay leaves the decaying Earth to find an habitable planet for humanity. Having found it, he only longs to return to his true love.

Dir: Anna Zlokovic, 2016, English, 19mins, USA
Part human, part cosmic humanoid –  she longs to be part of our world. However, the search for connection proves tenuous, as her survival depends upon siphoning the liveforce of those she seeks to befriend.

Dir: Yunxin Hu, Mun Yi Cheng, Feifei Zhang, Dylan Perkinson, 2016, English, Hindi, 6mins, USA
Vincent was a nobody when he moved to LA. He is now an Instagram celebrity, thanks to Yash, a click farmer in India who clicks Vincent’s glamorous lifestyle into reality. The two worlds of LA and Mumbai collide as the fragments of Vincent’s virtual life c

Dir: Joshua Benson, 2016, English, 16mins, UK
Zaire is one of two scientists stationed on Eos – an inhospitable planet in deep space.  As their isolated and claustrophobic day-to-day existence begins to take its toll, Zaire searches for the hope needed to keep their mission going.

Dir: Adam Stern, 2016, English, 16mins, CANADA
A lone astronaut testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft travels farther than he imagined possible.

Dir: Jarrod Saunders, 2016, English, 8mins, SOUTH AFRICA
During apartheid, a black man claiming to be from the future is questioned by a racist police officer.

Dir: Serafina Pang, 2016, English, 3mins, UK
This is Joe's journey through the eyes of technology, leading us to another world.

Dir: Bradford Hill, 2016, English, 25mins, USA
Resurrection is now a reality for those who can afford the price. When Derek is brought back to life, everything feels right in the universe. Until he finds out that things have gone terribly wrong.


Screening Times

1:00pm - Sat, 29th Apr 2017

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Stratford Picturehouse
9:00pm - Tue, 2nd May 2017

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Stratford Picturehouse