Shorts Programme 4

SCI-FI-LONDON loves short film! We’ve always supported shorts through our festival programming and our 48 Hour Film Challenge.

Expect the unexpected from serious to silly and everything else in between.

Our selection is presented in 6 programmes over the festival. Enjoy!

This programme includes:

FLUX 324
Dir: Renato Batata, terminal1, 2016, English, 10mins, BRAZIL
The world of relationships is now run by nanotechnology.

Dir: Denis Agarkov, 2016, English, 11mins, USA
Seasoned police inspector investigates the circumstances of a neurologist's comatose state, resulting from a series of illegitimate experiments involving a neutrino generator.

Dir: Tyler Doehring, 2016, English, 12mins, USA
In the near future a soldier awakens in the forest  unaware of how he arrived there, and a  featureless doppelgänger looking amongst the trees.

Dir: Xavier Guignard, 2016, English, 19mins, UK
Emma and Leo love each other but in a strictly regimented world where women represent 80% of the population, being a couple and keeping faith in love is tough.

Dir: Narichika Oto, Wataru Yanagida, 2016, Japanese, 18mins, JAPAN
Rococo is helping Mori-maaa develop cute apps”.  When Mori-maaa starts her latest friend-app, a vulgar guy appears and start to ruin their corporate cuteness!

Dir: Mark J. Blackman, 2016, English, 15mins, UK
Elias is a fallen angel given a second chance at life, following his death from a drug overdose. Forced to work as a 'cupid' on Earth, he's forbidden by the higher powers from pursuing love himself.

P L A Z A             
Dir: Hannah Hill, 2017, English, 11mins, UK
Hen-pecked old Colin works as a security guard for a local shopping centre.  But while his wife is nagging for him to leave work, a mysterious machine appears.

Dir: Christopher Arcella, 2015, English, 3mins, USA
The whole world is watching. The whole world is being watched. Our thoughts are the final frontier. What will be your response when that line is crossed?

Dir: Yin Yue, 2016, Chinese, 10mins, CHINA
A girl from another universe is being chased by a mysterious man. When her spacecraft crashes in a residential area on Earth.

Screening Times

3:00pm - Sat, 29th Apr 2017

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Stratford Picturehouse
6:00pm - Wed, 3rd May 2017

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