Shorts Programme 5

SCI-FI-LONDON loves short film! We’ve always supported shorts through our festival programming and our 48 Hour Film Challenge.

Expect the unexpected from serious to silly and everything else in between.

Our selection is presented in 6 programmes over the festival. Enjoy!

This programme includes:

Dir: Freddy Macdonald, 2016, English, 5mins, SWITZERLAND
A cynical take on the future of romantic relationships in the virtual age.

OVERHEAD LIGHT            
Dir: Christopher Arcella, 2016, English, 5mins, USA
Everyone is stuck in a device these days being social! A young woman blessed with an immunity to the virus of social media seeks a real connection.

Dir: Robin Kasparik, 2017, English, 15mins, CZECH REPUBLIC
Based on the story by Stephen King.  This is a first person perspective film that gets inside the head of an astronaut trapped in a spaceship, as a strange virus grows inside him, altering his mind.

Dir: Sara Soheili, 2017, Persian, 12mins, , ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN
Five heavily pregnant women are in a Doctor's waiting room when suddenly the unborn babies start to talk to each other about the world they're about to enter…

Dir: Paul Nash, 2016, English, 7mins, UK
A loner watches over the city – he belongs to a secret organisation that believes that everything we know will end unless at least one person is ALWAYS conscious and perceiving the world. He stays awake the only way he knows…

Dir: Cameo Wood, 2017, English, 12mins, USA
Based on a Ken Liu story. Sophia just scored every animator’s dream interview at world famous Semaphore Animation Studios. But everything is not quite as it seems once she nails the job.

Dir: Maru Buendia-Senties, 2016, English, Spanish, 12mins, USA
Two isolated women bond by sharing their lives from through their apartment windows.

STILL HERE          
Dir: Ryan Kreston, 2016, English, 17mins, USA
An apocalyptic event causes all life to freeze in time.

Dir: Boise Esquerra, 2016, English, 16mins, USA
16-year-old Peter must cope with his crackpot father who builds a HAM Radio that inadvertently catches the attention of a creature from outer space.


Screening Times

3:15pm - Sun, 30th Apr 2017

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Stratford Picturehouse
6:00pm - Thu, 4th May 2017

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