In association with PsychFi and as part of our #Hackstock events, look out for headsets at the festival and see some incredible VR films.

Ready Players?!

The Train Hamasen

Dir: Kuan Yuan LAI (8mins, 2017, Taiwan)
People waiting for a train to start a journey through time and space.


Dir. Axel Bonnot (4.5mins, 2017, France) 
Which deadly sin are you guilty of?

The Argos File

Dir: Josema Roig (3.5mins, 2017, USA)
In 2029, 5.6 billion people have the Argos Mnemo Chip implanted.

The Toxic Avenger : Heart of Fartness

Dir: Lloyd Kaufman (15mins, 2017, USA)
Toxie has a major mid-life crisis and must travel to a mythical land.

Dreams of Blue.

Dir: Valentina Paggiarin (12mins, 2017, Italy)
What happens inside the “mind” of an Artificial Intelligence.

Screening Times

12:00am - Tue, 1st May 2018
Stratford Picturehouse

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