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Look out for headsets at the festival or ask one of the team to try our VR shorts.

Division 19

Reality television has done it all hasn’t it?  Our news is impartial, right? Goverment works for us?

The Gateway

Jane is a particle physicist working on the fringe, trying to create a teleportation device “you know, like in Star Trek” as she says.


Ripe technologies are a pseudo-governmental organisation which appear to be trying to create a safer and fairer world with new implant technology.

Word from a Gamer

Have you played Dungeons and Dragons,  Catan, Magic The Gathering or any of the myriad other tabletop games?  If the answer is yes you’ll love the warmth and testimony in this film.


It’s not all serious dystopias and paranoia at the festival, Dogstar PHOTOS present our cosplay for dogs! In aid of the amazing charity, ALL DOGS MATTER. 


If time is truly linear and we can’t go back, don’t we just have to remember the good times?

The Mads - Live Riff Show

Before Beavis & Butthead did it, talking over crappy video, or riffing as it is known, was pioneered by an American comedy show called Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K).

The Outer Wild

The apocalypse came and went, the survivors are few and far between.