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The Astronauts' Bodies

They say twins can sometimes experience each other’s emotions and in a dysfunctional family this surely can’t be a good thing.


The year is 2078 and the Earth’s energy sources are exhausted. Nuclear and renewables can’t cope with demand.  

Katrina's Dream

Katrina wants a child but her boyfriend Louis doesn’t.  

Closer than we think

Predicting the future is very difficult.  We might be able to forecast how a trend will develop, but individual products?  Much harder.


A global disaster and epidemic has left a barren world with strange creatures that hunt at night.


Virtual reality, so real it’s indistinguishable from real life. Zombies, Nazis, Knights in armour - the game has it all.  

The SFL Charity Pub Quiz

We have made some drastic changes to the pub quiz! First, we moved venue because of the weather, now we have lost Tom Hunter.


Nothing Really Happens

You’re having having a conversation with someone... and neither of you cares... know that feeling?