Post Apocalympia Games

At the Stratford Picturehouse we have a wonderful bar area, so come join us for a drink and some festival entertainment.

We have Esdevium Games coming to show us STAR TREK CATAN, THE BIG BANG THEORY and a few other table top games. We also have a few prizes to be won!


DJ Mermaid will be in the bar spinning some sci-fi-lounge sounds and we have two special guests.

Saturday 10 Nov 3pm (free, no need to book) IN CONVERSATION WITH DAVID WINGROVE Come and listen to David talk about his work and his love of post-apocalyptic fiction.

Wingrove is the writer of the Myst trilogy, based on the internationally best-selling computer game, as well as having produced several works of science fiction criticism, including (with co-author Brian Aldiss) the highly-acclaimed Trillion Year Spree: The History Of Science Fiction – winner of the prestigious Hugo and Locus awards. Married to scriptwriter and novelist Susan Oudot, he lives with his family in Islington, where he is currently working on a re-packaging (in twenty volumes) of his Chung Kuo series, as well as producing Roads To Moscow, an ambitious time travel trilogy.

Sunday 11 November 1pm (free, no need to book) SURVIVAL MASTERCLASS WITH VINAY GUPTA. If some cataclysmic event happened right now, would you know what to do? Can you make sure that you and your loved ones survive for at least one month after the apocalypse? Brought to you by SCI-FI-LONDON and the Post-Apocalyptic Book Club, come take Vinay's Survival Master Class to make sure you have the upper hand when the 3 minute alarm goes off. You will never look at your weekly food shop the same again!

A world leading thinker on infrastructure and state failure solutions, Vinay Gupta has worked extensively with the government, military, large companies, think-tanks and the free and open source community to solve real problems concerning resource scarcity due to over population, war and natural disasters.

He is best known as the designer of the Hexayurt which is an award winning replacement for the disaster relief tent.


Stratford Picturehouse

Screening Times

3:00pm - Sat, 10th Nov 2012
1:00pm - Sun, 11th Nov 2012