Errors of the Human Body

Following similar concepts to Antiviral, this directorial debut from the writer of the incredibly bleak The Divide (SFL Oktoberfest 2011), explores the world of controversial human genetic research, where scientific ethics are abandoned for more self-serving motivations.

Set in Dresden, Germany the film looks cold and the plot is chilling as the devastating secrets of what is happening are revealed. It may not be the most uplifting film of the weekend, but it brilliantly captures our suspicions and fears of what is really going on in laboratories in the name of scientific advancement.

Errors of the Human Body works as a smart piece of throwback sci-fi, a deliberately-paced but insightful horror story, and a “simple” little drama about three very different people who are all scrambling for one very noble goal, at any cost. By the time the movie gets gory and throws a few unexpected plot curves at you, you’ll either be already hooked by the “character stuff,”

Errors of the Human Body


Screening Times

9:15pm - Sat, 10th Nov 2012


Eron Sheean