Props and Costume on a Budget

Props & Costumes on a Budget

Corsair Creations have been building props and costume for film and the live action roleplaying community for the last decade.

Tight film budgets mean corners need rounding.

Whilst props and costumes can be hired, what about that signature character costume, item or gadget central to the plot? Custom pieces are one solution but may blow the budget.

So what to do? Join Jimi Hamer, for expert insight and industry secrets including:

  • where to find inspiration and materials
  • finishing touches
  • making cheap look expensive
  • VFX markers for inanimate objects

We will look at examples from ‘major’ film projects, from Primer’s time machine, futuristic guns from Enemy Prey, armour reusing in Firefly, to Judoon footwear in Doctor Who.


Stratford Circus

Screening Times

3:30pm - Sun, 5th May 2013