Lost Time

Valerie has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. After the diagnosis, she is driving with her sister Melissa on a country road when the car stops and is engulfed in a blinding light. 12 hours later Val wakes up and Melissa is nowhere to be found. Months later and all sign of Valerie’s cancer is gone, but still no sign of her sister. Carter (Luke Goss), Valerie’s cop boyfriend, wants to help her but their relationship means he is pulled from the case.

Could it be an alien abduction? Valerie’s dreams and visions suggest it could be. Searching the web she finds a book about blackouts called Lost Time and meets author Dr Reed (Robert Davi), who claims to have the answers she is looking for, as he had had a similar experience. Will he be able to help Valerie or is the doctor merely an opportunistic charlatan, or does he have other motives? And will Carter find the truth before it’s too late.

A psychological sci-fi thriller with horror overtones, it doesn’t always go where you expect it to.

We are delighted to screen the World Premiere of the movie and will have guests for a Q&A (via the magic of Skype).


Screening Times

8:00pm - Thu, 24th Apr 2014

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United States
Christian Sesma
King Kai Productions

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