The Phoenix Project

If we had to describe this movie in a snap, we'd probably say it was ‘Primer meets Frankenstein’. THE PHOENIX PROJECT tells the simple story of four scientists, working 'off-book' in their garage, trying to craft a machine that can reanimate deceased organisms.

As the project develops, the machine exceeds their expectations, creating possibilities that they all hoped for, but yielding problems that only some could predict. With dwindling resources, the crew must contain their ulterior motives in order to realise the daunting task ahead of them: bringing the dead back to life.

This is a film that explores our motivations and ethical boundaries and asks whether there is any justification in the end, let alone the means.

With strong performances and excellent cinematography, the naturalistic style makes it feel all too real. Its intelligent story is particularly refreshing given recent movies that deal with Mary Shelley's original science fiction.


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8:40pm - Tue, 29th Apr 2014

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United States
Tyler Graham Pavey