Time Lapse

In a sleepy apartment complex, three 20-something roommates discover their scientist neighbour dead. Within his apartment they find a giant experimental machine that takes pictures 24 hours into the future.

One wall of the apartment is covered with pictures of their exploits as the camera is aimed into the trio's apartment, continuing to run and showing glimpses of their life a day in advance. 

Not sure what to make of this, but armed with this revelation, the three conspire to exploit the machine's abilities.

After enjoying the power of being one step ahead in life, and benefitting from this foresight by gambling, disturbing images begin to arrive.

A tense love-triangle emerges, and their sinister bookie begins sniffing around – this lucky streak just doesn't feel right. Relationships unravel and the trio descends into a dark future they no longer have control of as the repercussions of their time tinkering start to have serious effects.

This film could be described as a melding of Shane Carruth’s mind-boggling Primer (SFL4), spiced up with a dash of Roger Avary’s Rules of Attraction, which should be recommendation enough.

A great cast give sharp performances in the toughest sub-genre to get right.


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9:10pm - Sat, 3rd May 2014

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United States
Bradley King

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