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Your Days Are Numbered – The Maths of Death

Your Days Are Numbered

You have a 0.000043% chance of dying during this show. And if you do, we will refund the unused portion of your ticket to your grieving family.

We can’t tell you what you’ll die from. It could be heart attack, shark attack, or insertion of a foreign object into a natural orifice. But we can help you reckon your odds.

Stand up mathematician, Matt Parker and comedian, Timandra Harkness got sick of reading ill-founded stories about how eating this or doing that was going to add six months to your life, or halve your risk of dying from something or other.

Your Days are Numbered

With a grant from the Wellcome Trust, they've done the research to bring you the definitive comedy show about dying.

With the aid of the patented Death-O-Meter and audience participation, Timandra and Matt will help you laugh in the face of your own mortality.

No understanding whatsoever of mathematics is required to see this show. But a sense of humour and a healthy fear of dying are recommended.

"The funniest closed-loop complex integral routine I've ever seen – they'll have you rolling in the aisle like an infinitesimal disk of radius epsilon." Simon Singh

Your Days are Numbered

Screening Times

8:30pm - Sat, 23rd Apr 2011



Following the show we invite you to stay for a drink in the bar and listen to some sci-fi tunes with DJ Mermaid.