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Festival Volunteer

Thanks for your interest in volunteering to help out at SFL10.

Registration has closed for this year's festival, so come see a film and please try registering next year.

SCI-FI-LONDON Volunteers
The festival takes place Saturday 23rd April - Monday 2nd May 2010, but we will actually need help before and after these dates.

Every year we have fantastic hard working volunteers, many of whom are daft enough to come back year on year... so I guess they had a good time.

We need people to help give out flyers around London over about four weekends before the festival, help load things in/out of the venue, pack goodie bags and give out drinks at the all-nighters!

We are also running a 48 hour film challenge in early April and will need people to register teams and hand out information.

We will hold a Staff meeting at the venue on a weekday night in late March, where we go through the tasks, the dates and so on.

Volunteering means no money of course, but we can give you some cool swag (goodies like t-shirts and DVDs) and free tickets to most of the festival event.