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Earth 2.0: Initialization Event

Earth 2.0


With our current way of life pushing the planet to breaking point, how do we design a sustainable future for seven billion people? How do we upgrade from an ecologically destructive Earth 1.0 way of life to an eco-friendly Earth 2.0 way of life? What technological changes and value changes do we have to make?

The Earth 2.0 project explores these issues and aims to promote inspiring solutions through a combination of art, science and innovative CGI.

We have an expert panel from the project and will show the short film Earth 2.0 – Initialization, set in the Hub, a kind of technologically recast axis mundi, a modern high-tech oracle, where a new sustainable way of life can be formulated. The film comes in advance of a planned feature length documentary and introduces an eclectic ensemble of Earth 2.0 presenters.

Frank Da Silva is a film director and producer and the co-founder of the Earth 2 Channel. He is currently directing the feature-length documentary Earth 2.0: Time to Upgrade and a series of related media projects. 

Main project introduction: 
Simon G. Powell is the author of two forthcoming books: The Psilocybin Solution and Darwin’s Unfinished Business and he is currently the principal scriptwriter for the movie Earth 2.0: Time to Upgrade.

Earth 2.0 Panellists:

  • Graham Hancock is a noted writer, presenter and journalist. In total Graham’s books have sold more than five million copies worldwide and have been translated into twenty-seven languages.
  • Dr. Rachel Armstrong is a TED Fellow whose main research concerns the development of new metabolic materials that are programmable, environmentally responsive, and have some of the properties of living systems.
  • Melissa Sterry is developing The Bionic City, the ultimate smart city as a model that transfers knowledge from complex natural ecosystems to a blueprint for a city resilient to extreme meteorological and geological events.
  • Niall Dunne is a change specialist. He has spent his professional life designing and implementing corporate systems that can change at pace and achieve scale through the power of brands, innovation and sustainability.

Screening Times

6:30pm - Tue, 26th Apr 2011