Tai Chi Zero + Tai Chi Hero

A cross between a Steampunk Tarantino movie and a Kung Fu comic book, TAI CHI 0 is the first chapter of an intended trilogy, with the second part, TAI CHI HERO showing on this double bill.

The film mixes different elements of many film genres with Scott Pilgrim-style on-screen graphics and a thumping rock score. At times it resembles a video game on steroids, but somehow works brilliantly.

TAI CHI 0 tells the story of Yang Luchan, historically known as the founder of the Yang style of Tai Chi. However, in this version of the tale, Yang is ‘The Freak’, an orphan who is fighting in a rebellion against the Qing government.

He is capable of amazing feats of strength and skill due to a growth on his head which, if struck, increases his abilities ten-fold, but also gradually drains his life force. Advised that unless he can control it, his ‘power’ will kill him, Yang embarks on a journey to Chen village to learn the art of Tai Chi.

Unfortunately, the people of Chen refuse to teach their arts to outsiders, but when an evil battalion of steam punk soldiers threatens the village, the villagers must place their trust in the strange outsider, Yang Luchan.

Like a Chinese buffet, this has everything, but it will leave you wanting more.

Presented by TERRACOTTA


Screening Times

8:20pm - Sat, 4th May 2013


Mandarin with English subtitles
Stephen Fung
Huayi Brothers

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