British indie film has a tendency towards the bleak, and this Scotland-set sci-fi is not an exception. However there are chinks of light through the love story between the two protagonists Cole and Maya, who meet under less than ideal conditions when an armed robbery goes wrong. Their passionate, whirlwind romance is fuelled by almost certain annihilation when the world is threatened by an impending collision with a giant asteroid. Against the backdrop of this doomsday event, Maya becomes pregnant.

Three years later Cole and Maya are struggling to survive in the Scottish wilderness after the human population has been decimated by an extra-terrestrial attack. Cold, starving, afraid and no longer in love, they are united only by a common desire to stay alive and find their now missing daughter.

The film flips back and forth between the couple’s initial romance and their fight for survival, to fully reveal the reality of the alien invasion. This is a strong feature debut from SFL 48 Hour Film Challenge alumnus, using the constraints of a low budget to create drama within the tense atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic setting, without relying on the usual tropes or gratuitous special effects.


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8:30pm - Fri, 25th Apr 2014

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United Kingdom
Tom Large and Joseph Baker

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