Life, but as we know it?

A SPECIAL NIGHT investigating Extraterrestrial life in science, fiction and comedy. We start the evening with a live Planetarium show:

Astrobiology: the new science of life in the universe

Astrobiology is a brand new field of science, bringing together biologists, astronomers and planetary scientists to investigate the origins and limits of life on our planet and discover where life might exist beyond the Earth.

Created in conjunction with astrobiologist Dr Lewis Dartnell, this unique planetarium show will take you on a tour of the planets and moons of our Solar System to ask: are we alone?

On the night we will also be screening a special preview of MONSTERS by Gareth Edward on the planetarium dome. Seats are limited and we will be picking ticket holders to the Astrobiology show at random and offering them a chance to also see the film!

Join some of the activities around the Observatory site.

  • Touch some real-life visitors from space with a tour of the Observatory’s meteorite collection.
  • Find out the latest news from NASA’s mission to detect Earth-like worlds and watch a live demo of how we might scan them for signs of life.
  • Good monster/bad monster – scientists and writers discuss what makes a believable alien lifeform. With Simon Guerrier and Dr Zita Martins
  • Weather permitting, a chance to see Jupiter’s moon Europa – most likely home of alien life in our Solar System.
  • Alien Among Us – a real-world game. You’ll need to think, plan, sneak, and escape. It’ll be a blast… REGISTER ON THE NIGHT


  • Stand-up comedy show with
  • ‘out-of-this-world’ comedy.
  • Geek-proud Rob Deb will host the show and introduce us to some of London’s very alien lifeforms including Radio 4's hottest property Helen Keen
  • And if that is not enough, DJ Mermaid takes us on a musical journey to the stars.
Dr Zita Martins
Simon Guerrier
Rob Deb

Screening Times

6:30pm - Thu, 14th Oct 2010



Royal Observatory Greenwich