The Perfect 46

Tomorrow, genomic sequencing becomes standard for all citizens of California. Within a year it is standard throughout the country. While everyone has all their genome data at their fingertips, there aren’t many that know what to do with it, until geneticist Jesse Darden creates a website that pairs an individual with their ideal genetic partner for creating children that are free from all hereditary conditions.

The story of Jesse Darden’s company is skilfully played out through news reports, flashbacks, ‘(m)documentary’ footage and a break-in at his home which turns into something more sinister than a simple robbery.

The film addresses many issues that face contemporary society, as well as those brought up by the Nazis, related to creating 'perfect' people, genetic engineering, as well as the rise and fall of dotcom companies headed by visionaries whose personal lives and business acumen are sometimes their downfall.

This is science fiction that doesn’t rely on speculative science, but takes a ‘what if’ view of existing science and technology, and mixes in human drama, to tell a cautionary tale of something chillinglyplausible.

Intelligent and well-crafted, like watching a documentary on future-tech gone bad.


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8:40pm - Mon, 28th Apr 2014

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United States
Brett Bonowicz

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